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Natural calamities can affect anyone’s life anytime as it is quite unpredictable. In such cases, the relief blankets can help people ward away the chills and offer comfort to the body. If you are looking for lightweight, high-quality, and customized relief blankets, you can find it with us. These blankets can be the best item in emergency situations. We offer such items as per your specifications.

We are the reliable suppliers of Relief Blankets. We have been offering high quality products for long time and we have built a good reputation in the market. Our main aim is to offer quality within affordable price. We don’t compromise quality as we understand that every buyer needs satisfactory products. Featuring exuberant look, exotic design and flawless finish, our products have good response rate.

We have wide range of options include low thermal blankets, medium thermal blankets, high thermal blankets, UNHCR blankets, UNICEF blankets, MSF blankets, IFRC blankets, American Red Cross blankets and much more. These are suitable for matching the requirements of adverse situations.

These lightweight blankets are designed with high quality material including polyester, wool and cotton. Donors can order in bulk and make the most of affordable price. We ensure best price and excellent material of our products as we are here to serve the needs of so many NGOs whether national or international.

You can get relief blankets of diverse variety suitable for every need with customized logo to highpoint the donor community. You can expect an exceptional quality product with highest commitment and competitiveness from us as we have the capability to manufacture, export and supply a product according to the specified requirements of our customers. You can realize your ideas effectively with us as we offer high-quality service.

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Low Thermal Blankets

These Low Thermal Blankets are well suitable for meeting the demands of adverse conditions, these Low Thermal Blankets are manufactured from light weight fabrics in wool , cotton or polyester which are very economically priced for massive relief operations in hot and moderate climates and are very popular .

Medium Thermal Blankets

Being a well-acclaimed Medium Thermal Blankets Manufacturer and Exporter, we ensure that excellent fabric is used in its making. Our Medium Thermal Blankets caters to the requirement of several national as well as international NGOs. Our Medium Thermal Blankets are made of medium GSM weight fabrics which are suitable for both hot and cold climates and these can be shipped in bulk quantities and that too within very short time frame.

High Thermal Blankets

Our High Thermal Blankets are made up of premium woven and knitted material that has virgin wool and new polyester fibers which are available in several colors such as grey, brown and other dark colors. These blankets offered by us have folded as well as stitched edges. In these terms, we are considered as a reliable Manufacturer & Exporter of High Thermal Wool Blanket in the market.

UNHCR Blankets

Our manufactured UNHCR Blankets are made of 100% virgin polyester specially customized as per the needs of UNHCR and depending on global requirements we are supplying to them medium thermal and high thermal blankets which we usually keep stocks for immediate dispatch throughout the year.

UNICEF Blankets

Our UNICEF medium thermal and high thermal blankets have been designed as per the requirements of UNICEF which are super soft , hand and machine washable and sturdy which are ideal doe Children and adults in the Refugee camps globally.

MSF Blankets

Our MSF blankets are being manufactured at our factories with special virgin polyester fibres to match MSF requirements and strict specifications for a medium and high thermal blanket.

IFRC Blankets

Our R & D department has been closely inventing , manufacturing and offering IFRC blankets with utmost care to match the expectations of Stringent standards of IFRC globally out of the most latest and advanced technologies in the textile industry.

American Red Cross Blankets

Our American Red Cross Blankets also popularly called as ARC blankets stand high and alone out of all the blankets manufactured globally as we have been manufacturing for years and doing exclusive branding for ARC and suggesting new qualities from time to time . This blanket quality is considered the most superior one manufactured by us till date for refugee relief.