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Sleeping Bags

Ever wondered how comfortable or good it would be to have a proper sleeping bag when you are off on a trek or an expedition? Sleeping bags are one a kind and are must-have equipment when you are out. Pick out a good sleeping bag and you would be free from the sore backs, painful knees and the likes. Just because it is a sleeping bag doesn’t mean it cannot look good. Pick out in different shapes, sizes, colors and surface area according to you needs. With a superior quality material which is resistant to wear, and tear is what we recommend if you intend to use it often. Durable and consistent material is one of the perks that make a sleeping bag very comfortable.

Check for the inner linings and ensure that it is warm, comfortable and cosy such that it can be customized to be used in any climate. Waterproofing and securing mechanism is essential given that it can be used across topographies which might have intruders around. You want it to cover you completely such that you do not face any adversities.

Find a sleeping bag that is lightweight, easily foldable and washable too such that you can maintain it and reuse it over and over again.

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of sleeping bags and you can make the most of available options in color, size and designs. They are available at most affordable price. Our team designs the products in such a way that always matches the requirements and expectations of our clients.

Our sleeping bags have become so much popular as they ensure premium quality, reliability, durability and much more.

If you still have any query regarding unique and versatile sleeping bags, connect with us. We would be happy to serve you.

We are offering a range of Sleeping Bags that is put forward in a variety of sizes, colors and designs. Moreover, made available at industry leading prices, the range also meets the requirements of several clients. Our range is popular for its attributes like durability, reliability and superior quality. We Sypply unique and very versatile Sleeping Bags that serve all the requirements of a client. These are Easy to fold, store and travel.

Washable Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads are an essential which are practically unavoidable. As soon as you hit your menstrual cycle, it is a hassle getting rid of pads which can tend to stink when left undisposed for a longer time or overused for a matter of fact. Washable sanitary pads are a boon for people who do not want the hassles of disposable pads and are inclined towards being eco-friendly too.

With more than 10 hours of protection, washable sanitary pads can be used regularly as a domestic product as well as for emergencies. Not only does it lock the moisture it and protect you from the stains, but is also comfortable and reusable.

With raving customer reviews, women have vouched for the fact that it is comfortable and prevents the odour, but also can be used overnight without any leakage problem. No more chaffing issues as those with wings. It could be a blessing in disguise for those who are bothered about wrinkling or pads that tend to fold in half for no reason at all.

Above all, it is washable and can be reused for a fairly long time. Throw it in the washing machine, add detergent which is skin friendly and wash it off until dry. Easy and simple, this one is must have for all women.

Quality has always been important when it comes to sanitary pads. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of such sanitary pads and we have never ever compromised on the quality. We understand the purpose and sensitivity of use of such products. We have always offered the finest quality to our clients. Our versatile and unique pads are very popular.

If you still have any query regarding washable sanitary pads, connect with us. We would be happy to serve you.

We are involved in offering an exclusive range of finest quality Washable Sanitary Pads to our clients, that find application in domestic as well Emergency establishments that helps in meeting the requirements of our clients. We offer unique and very versatile Sanitary Pads that serve all the requirements of a customers.

Foldable Cots

Moving into a shared space with your friends? Renting out a open air theatre space? Going for an outdoor plan and do not want a sleeping bag? Need something comfortable where there is no seating arrangement? Well, foldable cots exist for a reason!

With steel powder legs and strong structure which has foldable legs and a comfortable mattress to support the weight of a human body, these cots are a sleek and attractive. Take it along to all your expedition such as a road trip or a long adventure which requires you to be on the road for a long time.

Easily washable fabric, light weight and comfortable, these cots are supremely meant for travelling purposes only. However, our customers have benefited by customising the usage according to their requirements. Stack it in a suitcase or fold it in your bag-pack, it fits anywhere and everywhere. Choose in different sizes as per the need and you wouldn’t regret the purchase.

There are times when you want to ditch the sleeping bag and want to opt for something with a height. In such cases these foldable cots come as a boon and since they are very comfortable and extremely affordable. So which one would be your pick?

If you are looking for superior range of foldable cots, we can be the best option. Mahavir Overseas is the reliable manufacturer and supplier of high quality and affordable foldable cots. We have designed them with Mild Steel powder coated frames with foldable legs. These sturdy and lightweight cots are very attractive and easy to use. These are available in the form of suitcase and this amazing design makes it easy to carry.

If you have still any query regarding foldable cots, connect with us. We would be happy to assist you.

Our organization offers a superior range of Foldable Cots to our clients. It is Constructed with Mild Steel powder coated frames with foldable legs which is light and sturdy and sleek looking very attractive. This is Foldable in the form of a suitcase for easy transportation and stacking. Foldable Cots is Light weight of capable of carrying person of 150 kg.

Squatting Plates

Squatting plates are used widely across domestic and medical industry. Imagine a squat plate customized perfectly for your ageing parents who have trouble squatting or sitting down for bowels. It could be fixed in a structure which can be then designed accordingly to make the process comfortable for them.

Knee issues, orthopedic issues which make it difficult for people to squat, squat plates are helpful in such cases. You can be thoughtful and get a set of plates such that it used according to the requirement. Strong, sturdy and durable, the squat plates are meant to be reused. Clean it as you please and it is simpler to do so.

Use good quality detergent and washable fabric to clean the dirt after use. It comes with handles which makes handling easier and more comfortable. Since the material is made out of superior quality plastic, it is long lasting and can be used through several years. Additionally, it does not contain any toxins which would be harmful to the residents of the house.

Affordable, customization and light weight, this can be carried anywhere. Use it during travelling to make keep the hygiene intact without compromising on comfort. Since it is washable, it is easier to maintain as well.

We are the best in the industry and renowned for the best quality product. Being experienced manufacturer and supplier of such products, we only concentrate on premium quality raw material. The raw material that we use in designing our products ensures the durability and strength of the products. We are engaged in providing a comprehensive range of these plates. These plates are useful in both commercial establishments and domestic. These good quality plates are available at low cost. If you still have any query regarding Squatting plates, connect with us. We would be happy to assist you.

We are involved in offering an exclusive range of finest quality Squatting Plates to our clients, that find application in domestic as well commercial establishments like in Emergency that helps in meeting the requirements of our clients. These Squatting Plates are highly credited for their good quality and less cost.

Kerosene Stoves

Cooking forms an important part of our everyday lives. But what if you need something more economical than a gas stove which is not only expensive but comes along with the hassles of taking a connection in your own name, linking it with the aadhar, so on and so forth. So, what is an easier way out when you do not have all those facilities in place?

Kerosene is usually known as paraffin. It is a mix of hydrocarbon which is useful for lighting and cooking purposes. A kerosene stove can be used as a makeshift heater which is also useful during winters. Use it to cook whatever you want, and it wouldn’t fail you whatsoever.

Made from sturdy metals which are great for usage, it is portable and can be used on the go as well. Travelling comprises a huge part of everyone’s life. If you are one of the people who stay on road due to transport businesses or anything related to logistics, eating out can get cumbersome. Sometimes you might have to hit places which do not have those joints where you could treat yourself to good food. Having the fuel handy and the kerosene stove with you can help you stay sorted on the food front.

Additionally, it is safer than those pump stoves which tend to explode at every given opportunity. So, experts recommend that you pick this one for all purposes. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Kerosene stoves and we offer comprehensive range of such products. We can deliver bulk products at the stipulated time frame. We also update our products as per changing market trends. Our products are available at affordable price.

If you still have any query regarding Kerosene stoves, connect with us. We would be happy to assist you.

We are well-acknowledged for Manufacturing and Supplying a qualitative range of Kerosene Stove. Our professionals deliver these Kerosene Stove in a stipulated time frame at the customers end. Moreover, to keep pace with the ever changing trends of the markets, we offer these Stoves in strict compliance with the industry standard and norms. Moreover, these products are offered in an affordable price range to our esteemed clients.

Hurricane Lamps

Commonly known as lantern in many parts of the world, this one has been effectively in use since its inception. In the initial days it was used as a power backup when there used to be frequent power-cuts. However, cities have moved on to different sources of power such as invertors and power backups, however, there are chances when you run out of these and anyway have to go back to using traditional fuel and wick-based lamps such as the hurricane lamps.

With innovation in the market, these lamps have been endowed with wicks which are lighted electrically so that you do not have to make the effort of lighting the lamp up after setting it up. It could be used across towns villages, cities, so on and so forth for multiple purposes. High quality material prevents the glass from heating up such that it does not break unceremoniously.

Additionally, you can carry it anywhere you want given that it is portable and needs only fuel to light it up. You get an additional nozzle which will help you pour the fuel in the system and you should be sorted for the time being. Use it as you please in any method you want for better results.

We are among the leading manufacturer and supplier of these lamps. You can place order in bulk as we deliver quality items at best price and on time. Quality of the product is best and these lamps prove very helpful during emergencies. These lamps are easily available in different designs and sizes and you can choose as per your choice and requirement, we also into the customization of products.

Our team of experts have designed the high quality lamps following international standards. If you have any query regarding these lamps, connect with us. We would be happy to assist you.

We are one of the affluent Manufacturer and Exporter of superior quality Hurricane Lamps that is available in different sizes and designs. We have a wide and exclusive range of Hurricane Lamps. Mahavir Overseas offered a wide range range of Hurricane Lamps that have been created using a high quality of materials that are in compliance with international standards.

Wick Stoves

Wick stoves work more or less through capillary actions. It is easy to use sturdy and durable. One of a kind, it is portable, safe to use and does not risk the explosion quotient either. The fuel is always in the tank below and the wick sucks up the fuel to provide heat energy to the contents that are placed above the stove. These stoves can be useful in emergency situations. Many clients have used these stoves and appreciated the function and quality.

The flammable substance is usually kerosene which is a hydrocarbon and a much-used fuel in the area. Maintain the flame does not require the wick to be pulled up again and again. It is made out of a strong metal to withstand high heat and temperature. It can be used for cooking purpose across domestic and commercial purposes too. These stoves are available at best price. We have never compromise on quality and this premium quality you can get within your budget.

The wick is usually made out of cotton and is supplied separately. The wick is usually broader and wider to provide even heat throughout the container. It even prevents the area from heating up unlike other heaters and stoves. It does not require extra effort like those of pump stoves which technically demand more precaution due to their unsafe nature.

With plates and handles made out of effectively heat resistant material so that it is portable easily, this one is a life changer. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of these stoves. Our high quality products are available at fewer prices. These products are available in variety of sizes, shapes and designs. If you still have any query regarding wick stoves, connect with us. We would be happy to assist you.

We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Stoves such as Wick Stoves, Kerosene Stoves, and many more items in all over India. We are exporter of excellent quality range of Wick Stoves. These are manufactured from qualitative range of raw materials. These Wick Stoves are offered in variety of designs, shapes and sizes. Our assortment of Hurricane Lamp are available at market leading prices

kerosene Stove

We are counted among the renowned Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of high quality assortment of Kerosene Stoves. Our company is specialized in dealing the Best Quality Kerosene Stoves in the market. We make them available in different metals such as brass, iron and tin.