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Solar Panels

We are offering high quality solar panels and you get more even in very less price. Our products are best in class and performing excellently. Affordability and fast product deliveries make us stand out from others. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier that offer you excellent products in the photovoltaics field. We have offered wide assortments of such products to our clients all across the globe. Our solar panels are quite efficient and consume power generated from sunlight. These solar panels are designed by using sophisticated technology, high grade material and innovative ideas. You can rely on the leading solar panels Manufactures, Exporter & Importer in India.

They work on great technology as when light strikes in panels are absorbed within the semiconductor material and produce energy. This energy flows freely towards the storage device. Our solar panels ensure high performance, rigidity and robustness. They have safe packaging and work fine after installation. Our good quality products have solid construction. They ensure good output voltage.

They are applicable in so many fields including rural radio phones and exchange, railway signaling and lighting system, microwave repeater station, community TV system, battery charging, water pumping, street light, Domestic lighting systems and much more. They ensure amazing energy production even in weak lights and ensure stable performance.

These panels are crafted excellently for high area efficiency preferably matches for ground mounted and roof top applications. Our products meet with the expectations of client and reliable suiting all environmental situations. Rigorous quality control and low light response meet the international norms and standards. Our products are designed as per the guidelines and popular all across the world. We are the reliable supplier of such products and we always ensure top class products. If you have any query regarding solar panels, connect with us.

We are into presenting a wide assortment of Solar Panels to the customers. These Solar Panels are working efficiently by consuming power generated from sun light. Also, our Solar Panels are produced by using high grade material, sophisticated technology and innovative ideas. We are leading Solar panels Manufactures, Exporter & Importer in India.

Solar School Bags

Solar school bags have become popular as they are green energy source. This is lightweight bag and offer energy to charging devices that you can use to charge smart phone, basic batteries, laptop, MP3 players and much more. Featuring lightweight solar panel, robust and efficient working, and these bags are very useful. They work excellently and efficiently even in sunrise, sunset and diffuse light. It uses panels with suitable watts and output voltage and current.

We are among the leading and renowned manufacturer and supplier of solar bags all across the globe. We are engaged in offering a comprehensive range of solar nags to esteemed customers. We have developed these bags using high quality components that we buy from authentic vendors in the industry.

Our solar bags are designed under the guidance of experts and experienced professionals with international standards and norms. We also offer customized products and our clients can avail solar bags in varied configurations. Featuring precise designs, stable output and high finish, these bags are in great demand.

We are offering Solar School Bags that is manufactured using high grade raw material and advance technology procured from the reliable vendors of the market. Our offered Solar School Bags are available in different variety of sizes and styles to suit individual needs and practices. Our Solar School Bags is efficient in performance and long lasting in nature that can easily avail these products at reasonable prices.

This bag comes with pockets and compartments and can be useful in so many ways. It can be great for hiking and adventure. You can carry it easily and this lightweight bag also ensures durability.

If you have any query regarding our solar school bags, connect with us. We would be happy to assist you.

We are offering Solar School Bags that is Manufactured using high grade raw material and advance technology procured from the reliable vendors of the market. Our offered Solar School Bags are available in different variety of sizes and styles to suit individual needs and practices. Our Solar School Bags is efficient in performance and long lasting in nature that can easily avail these products at reasonable prices.

Solar Chargers

Solar charges has emerged and become so much popular in current trend. It uses solar energy in order to charge the batteries or supply energies to many devices. These chargers are lightweight and portable. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of these products and our products are appreciated by our clients all across the globe due to consistent performance and durability.

We are engaged in exporting and trading premium quality solar chargers designed under the guidance of our experienced and skilled team of technicians and engineers. We are among the well known suppliers who are famous just for offering quality always. With us, you will only get functionally advanced range of solar products.

Our solar chargers boast durable standards and optimum quality. We have tested our products on various parameters and that make us capable to deliver excellent quality products. We have satisfied clients all across the globe. These chargers are configured with solar cells that trap the solar energy. They convert the solar energy into electrical energy and make it work for charging batteries and so many devices.

This is all about the new technologies and use of solar power. These chargers can be installed in public places permanently to make the most of them. These are installed in so many parks and public places and people can use them without any charges.

These small sized portable chargers are designed to charge many devices like iPods, cell phones, mobile phones and many portable audio types of equipment. They are designed in such a way that they can easily get energy from sun. These chargers employ variety of solar panels with great efficiency.

If you have any query regarding solar chargers, connect with us. We would be happy to serve you.

Our organization is engaged in Exporting and Trading a Highly Quality range of Solar Charger. We are counted amongst the well-known names in the industry, offering functionally advanced range of Solar Chargers that are acclaimed for optimum quality and durable standards. We test them on varied parameters thereby delivering functionally advanced range of products to our clients. They are configured with solar cells that trap the solar energy and convert them into electrical energy.

Solar Lamps

The concept of solar lamps has become so much popular as they have their own utility factors. These are becoming useful in many commercial establishments and homes all across the globe day by day. They have turned line ecological and useful gadgets that serve specific purpose. Rising cost of electric energy and consumption made the introduction of solar lamps possible in current era. These lamps are also known as solar lantern.

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of solar lamps designed with charge controller, battery, solar panels, LED lamps and many other components. Featuring unique low power consumptions, these lamps are of great use. Electricity can be operated by these lamps by using batteries and these batteries get charged through utilization of solar panels.

These solar lamps can be the best alternative of kerosene lamps. The operating cost of this lantern is low as solar energy is renewable energy which is free. It does not cause any indoor pollution as Kerosene lamps do. These are weather dependent but still they are quite efficient.

These lamps are used in rural areas and they are highly useful during emergencies like disaster or natural calamities. Nothing can be better than solar lamps while you are on adventurous trip, hiking, camping and more.

Saving electricity may make a difference and it helps save electricity in easiest way. You can find the best alternative. They are designed amazingly and you will surely love attractive look of these lamps. These products have become the main source of energy conversion. These are portable so easy to handle and carry.

It comes with a rechargeable battery and photo voltaic solar panel. Solar panels get easily charged in day time via sunlight and glow automatically during dark.

If you have any query regarding solar lamps, connect with us. We would be happy to serve you.

Solar Lamp fast turning into a useful and ecological gadget for homes and commercial establishments all across the world. Given the rising cost of energy, Saving in anyway can make a world of difference in how everyone uses products. Really Solar Lamps has attractive look. Solar power is the greatest source of energy conservation. A portable solar lamp with photo-voltaic solar panel, and a rechargeable battery. The fascinating fact behind this illumination is possible by solar panel. Solar panel gets charged via sunlight during day time, automatically glows when dark time arises.

Solar Candle

Solar candles are in great demand. If you are looking for solar candles of any special occasions or outdoors, look no further than Mahavir Overseas. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of solar candles. These candles are the best alternative of traditional candles or flame counterparts. You can have candle to enlighten the aura and you need not to worry about safety concern in order to having candle comfort at home. This is far better than normal burning candle. We offer different kinds of solar candles to our esteemed clients at low cost.

These candles are like tiny LED lights that are much similar like a traditional candle. They have battery that gets charged in sunlight. This candle has solar panels that help it to get charged. These panels are built in the device. These candles work on the photovoltaic effects. It is configured with rechargeable battery, solar array or cell, charge controller and LED.

We have a team of experienced and skilled professionals who use best techniques to make these candles efficient and attractive. We have been offering quality products for so long and we are contributing to providing premium quality solar candles. People have started using these candles in so many special occasions for decoration purpose. You can have different sizes candles at best price.

Our products are appreciated by clients due to world class quality. These candles are configured with solar cells. These cells trap the solar energy that can be converted into light energy. These candles serve the lighting purpose and make the ambiance beautiful at the same time. These candles perform best during hot or summer days. Longer days during summers offer the more light and generate more electric energy.

If you have any query regarding solar candles, contact us. We would be happy to serve you.

Leveraging on the skills of our professionals, we are involved in offering Best Quality of Solar Candles. These Solar Candles are extensively used on several occasions in the society. Further, these products are offered by us to customers in different sizes. Moreover, the products offered by us are of world class quality. These Solar Candles are configured with solar cells that trap the solar energy and convert them into light energy.

Solar Torch

When it comes to arrange emergency lighting needs, solar torch becomes so much useful. These solar torches are economical, safe and reliable. Sometimes darkness can become dangerous and difficult but solar torch can become your best friend during the time of emergencies. You can save yourself from many emergency situations just with the help of instant lifesaver light beam. There are so many torches and lighting system available in the market but during emergencies solar torch become best option.

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of such products; these are designed with our experienced engineers and technicians. We are involved in contributing high quality solar torches to our all sorts of clients. We also offer customized customer that meet with the expectation and needs of our customers.

Our solar torches work on the modern solar technology and concept. These torches are easy to use, carry and ensure durability. This is far better than traditional torches that become useless after running out of the battery. But solar torch use renewable solar energy to get their battery charged on everyday basis. Solar energy is free and you can use this torch at economical price.

Solar torch can be used as long as sun stays shining and of course it ensures durability and long life of this product. This torch comes with battery that gets charged using solar energy during day time. This solar energy gets converted into electric energy.

You can take solar torch along with you during your camping and hiking as it occupies less space as you need not to take any extra backup batteries. They create no pollution and safe to use. You can place your order and we will deliver the items on time.

If you have any query regarding solar torch, contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

We are Manufacturer and Supplier of a variety of Solar Solutions like Solar School Bags, Solar Torch, Solar candles etc…In order to meet huge market demands, we are involved in providing Best Quality of Solar Torches to our customers and ensure to satisfy their specific requirements. Solar Torches is Manufactured by utilizing modern solar technology with a traditional product. Offered products are highly durable, easy to use.