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We offer best quality shelter solutions that prove beneficial in adverse climatic conditions, travelling and so many occasions.  We design tents as per the needs of our customers. We can compare price and quality as we always offer best deals to our clients.  We use good quality textiles or raw materials to design these tents that prove durable at the time of emergencies.  Whether it is an adventure, family trip or festival, these tents can be the best to use.

When you plan sleeping out during trip or emergencies, you will think about the protection from so many elements and our tents provide that protection.  We offer wide range of tents with different sizes and colors. We ensure quality and our tents last for lifetime.  We ensure longevity of all our products that we offer.

Our tents are lightweight that can be super cool to use for so many occasions.  These super light shelter option involve lots of other features that are awesome in humid and warm conditions.  These tents are robust and spacious. These are designed with super and proper fabrics that ensure strength.

Users can stay happy, dry and protected even in the worst climatic conditions. You get enough space to cook and store your luggage in it. You will feel safe and secure even in worst condition. Many international and national NGOs place bulk order for such tents as these tents act as best shelter option for refugees or those people who lost their home due to some natural calamities or disasters.

We have designed these shelters for those people who really need it for emergency purposes. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of such shelters.

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Mahavir Overseas Manufactures tents of high quality for every need and occasion. You can Come and look at our Tents, Compare prices, read details of Tents and get the best deal on the web, you could buy highest quality Tents from us. The advantage of our to other Manufacturers is that we supply Good Quality Textiles Product but with lower price, Secure Payment.


Sleet, rain, snow and other adverse climatic conditions can be harmful for your essential items like furniture and much more. These items need protection from debris and dirt. Our amazingly designed Tarpaulins offer protection to these items and provide shade from sun. You can ask for size and variety of tarps you need, we can design it for you.

Many items need protection from bad climatic conditions, elements, sun exposure and much more and our products like Tarpaulin helps offering protection to these items. You can secure your items by using our high quality and amazingly designed Tarpaulin. We have a team of experienced and proficient designers and developers who work on the quality of raw material and development of the product. Our high quality and on time product delivery make us best in the industry. We have been offering best quality products since our establishment.

Our products are designed with water proof, strong and premium quality materials. These Tarpaulins can provide protection to your items by covering them. You can use these products to cover items around or within a home or business while going for renovations or relocation. These Tarpaulins help keep dirt and dust off from items. You can protect your floors or furniture from the bad elements.

Our products are available at desired size, thickness and size. We offer many options but you just need to look for the right one. Our products are designed in such a way that they meet with the specific requirements of our each and every client. If you have already decides to buy Tarpaulins online, then Mahavir Overseas can be the best choice. We offer wide range of product options at best price.

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We are Tarpaulin Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier in India. Tarpaulin fabrics are widely used as a rain water proof mechanism for sheds, transportation, covering trucks, etc.. Offered range of Tarpaulins is developed using a heavy duty plastic sheet that we source from certified vendors. Customers can source these products at reasonable rates as per their desired quantities.

Sleeping Mats

If you are looking for absolute comfort, then you should look for high quality sleeping mats. You can take it along with you during your camping trip and use it whenever you want. If you want to sleep out in outdoors, then it can be a great source to offer you comfort and warmth. These sleeping mats are available in bulk and many international and national NGOs place order for these mats in bulk. They use these mats for the sake of helping refugees and people who have lost their shelter due to natural calamities or disasters. They buy these mats in bulk and distribute among the victims of these natural calamities.

These durable and high quality sleeping mats can be helpful for them in so many ways. These lightweight mats are easy to carry and use. These are as much as comfortable as your sleeping bed at home. These mats occupy small space and easy to store. These are designed with high quality material, new technology and much more. This is best for the camping lover as they can carry it along with them. These super light mats can be carried in backpack. You can best sleeping experience even in outdoors.

Our products are well equipped with latest and greatest material. It helps protect the user from cold or snow ground. This inexpensive and portable mat can be useful in so many ways. This is easy to carry and comfortable. It can be your best friend during trekking and hiking. You can add it in your travel checklist as it can fit easily in your travel bag. It ensures sound sleep. You need not to worry about wear and tear this is resistant to crack. It can withstand pressure and extra stress.

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We are a leading enterprise engaged in offering an exclusive range of Sleeping Mats. This Sleeping mat is finely finished using excellent quality raw material with the help of latest machines. We offer this Sleeping Mats in different colors and sizes as per the requirements of clients at market leading prices to the clients.

Plastic Sheeting

Plastic sheeting is quite useful in many industries and companies. These sheets are durable and ensure protection to essential items during harsh climatic conditions, dust, dirt and much more. This is also used for packaging purposes and many construction companies use the high quality plastic sheeting. We offer variety of size and proper thick sheeting as we know the thicker is the plastic sheeting, the stronger it will be. Durability and strength are the main factors we focus on.

These sheets can also be used as vapor barrier. Sometimes moisture or vapor can ruin the item due to unnecessary growth of bacteria and mold. These sheets can be useful in preventing these items from any damage. It plays an important role in offering plastic protection and used in window films, vapor retarders, counter top protection, flooring protection, and roofing protection as well.

If you want to seal off rooms, then again this product can prove helpful. Many builders use this product to cover building materials. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of such products. We provide variety of quality centric plastic sheeting to our national and international clients. We boast quality products and that’s why we are the best. Our products are appreciated by our clients for their consistent performance. Our plastic sheeting is less hazardous and cost effective.

These sheets are easy to handle as they are lightweight and portable. This general purpose product with range of standard to right thickness can be used in agricultural applications, paint protection, construction projects, and much more. This also acts as a vapor barrier for concrete between insulation and drywall. It is mainly available in so many covering applications and we offer the quality that our clients expect from us. These sheets are designed with high quality polyethylene material.

We are an expert Manufacturer of various types of Quality centric Plastic Sheeting. Our specialization in this field has been proven and analyzed to utmost, which makes us the undisputed quality centric Manufacturer of the Best Plastic Sheets. Apart from its quality aspect our Plastic Sheeting are widely appreciated for its consistent performance. Our Plastic sheets are cost effective and less hazardous as well.

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets are very popular all across the world as it has become an essential item to use in outdoors. When you go for travel, camping or hiking, this item acts as your best friend. You can use it anytime and everywhere. This lightweight item is easy to carry as it is fold able and portable. You can pack it in your travel bag and use whenever you want it. This is designed with high quality material that ensures strength, durability and long life. This item not only ensures you protection from mosquitoes in outdoors but offers you flexibility to use any time.

We are among the reputed suppliers and dealers of mosquito nets and our products are appreciated due to consistent performance, reasonable price and durability. You can use these mosquito nets on the floor, bed or outdoors. This net is easy to take down and set up as it comes with steel wires.

We are the best and trusted company that supplies a comprehensive range of fold able mosquito nets. These are designed with range of materials including cotton, polyethylene, and polyester. This is also available in variety of sizes. You can ask for colors as per your choice as we customize products as per our client’s requirements. You can use our mosquito nets for home or travel purpose as they serve best.

Protection from mosquitoes is needed always. You should always look for quality material in order to ensure protection in outdoor or even in harsh climatic conditions. During rain, you have to face problems due to mosquitoes and it is can be harmful for kids as well. You can use our products as they are safe and available at best price.

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We are the Dealer and Supplier of all types of Mosquito Nets. Mosquito nets are made by durable materials, this mosquito net not only gives you protection from mosquitoes, it also gives you the flexibility to use it any where, any time. Foldable mosquito nets can be used on the bed, floor or even outdoors. It has steel wires and is easy to setup and take down.

Corrugated GI Sheets

We are among the best manufacturer and supplier of the products that are useful in many building projects and industries. We have become the leading suppliers of Corrugated GI Sheets and our products are appreciated by our national and international clients due to high quality and consistent performance of our products. We know, every industry and construction companies work on some norms and guidelines and quality is the main factors they belong to. We never compromise on the quality and always use premium quality of material to design our products. We have a team of experienced professionals who believe in perfect work attitude so let along carelessness. We consider that cheap quality products can lead to serious accidents so we deliver products after going through so many analysis and tests.

Our experts spend several hours in quality analysis and test the strength and capacity of Corrugated GI Sheets. These sheets are available at wholesale rate and can be beneficial for your business in so many ways. Featuring precise dimensions, corrosion resistance and rigid construction, these sheets are best to use in construction companies.

Having years of industry experience, we are engaged in manufacturing, dealing and supplying excellent products like high quality Corrugated GI sheets. We have team of experienced technicians and engineers who can design products as per international norms, guidelines and standards. They make the use of optimum grade of material. This material is sourced from the world class, reputed and certified vendors. We are offering many specifications according to the client’s requirements at most reasonable costs. As per the changing requirements and expectations of the clients, our products can be available in both customized and standard options. If you have any query regarding corrugated GI sheets, connect with us. We would be happy to serve you.

We are expertise in Supplying, Trading and Exporting a variety of GI Corrugated Sheets. These Corrugated GI Sheets are use for various industrial and building projects. Keeping in mind the use of this product we don’t take any risk with the quality of the material that we supply. We know our carelessness can lead to a serious accident therefore before delivering we do a thorough test to check the strength and capacity of the product. Corrugated GI Sheets are available at a Wholesale rate.

Shade Nets

We are among the reputed manufactures and suppliers in the world which are engaged in offering a comprehensive range of shade nets. These kinds of shade nets are widely applicable in decoration market, packaging industries, building and construction, nursery, horticulture field and agriculture. We have been offering wide range of shelter solutions for long time and all our products are available at wholesale rate.

These shade nets are designed with premium quality material that provides protection from sunlight or direct sun rays. The high grade material ensures the long life or durability. There are so many occasions when you have to ensure dust and sun protection and it requires proper netting. We offer you shade nets that can help you a lot in this situation.

This item is mostly available in green colour but we also offer customization of products option so it can be changed in dark or light green color as well. The material used in making of these nets is of high grade that is usable in farm plants or gardens for Ultra Violet sun protection.

This product can be used for industry machinery covering and cover building construction material. Nowadays people have started using it as home roof shade that helps protect home from direct sun rays during summers. It can also be used as indoor outdoor curtain.

Our products are designed by our team experts. These products have high quality nets. The main application areas of our products are swimming pools, parking lots, cattle-sheds, drying of agro products, tea plantations, vanilla cultivation, horticulture, floriculture and much more. These nets offer needed protection to the plants from harsh climatic conditions, wind and reduce the water evaporation.

If you have any query regarding shade nets, connect with us. We would be happy to assist you.

We are a leading company engaged in Manufacturing and Exporting a wide range of Shade Nets. The Products range of the company has application in Agriculture, Horticulture, Field, Nursery, Building & Construction, Packaging Industries, Decoration Market, etc. Mahavir Overseas offer a variety of Shelter Solutions like Tents, Shade Nets, Sleeping Mats etc. We are Supplier and Manufacturer of Shelter Solutions in All Over India.