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Ethnic clothing is always attractive and beautiful. Unlike other traditional clothing, the hijab is one of the most talked about clothing across the world. Be it about being liberal, be it about tradition or even complying to age old rules, the hijab always manages to be in news for either right reasons or otherwise.

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Hijab. We have worked on this product and put our best efforts in making this attire beautiful and attractive. We have designed this attire and maintained privacy along with modesty. This can be the most attractive western wear for Non-Muslim. It is suitable for both women and men. We ensure high quality products available in many fabrics, designs, colors and sizes.

Hijab is basically a veil or the headscarf which is commonly used by Muslim women indicating a sign of modesty. Hijabs come in different shapes and sizes and can be customized based on your preference and comfort. The ones worn in the west are usually square and can be wrapped around the head keeping the face clear of any clothing.

There are hijabs of different lengths which cover the head, the neck and the back. Also known as khimar, it is a cape like version of the original hijab which is meant for more conservative women. Liberal women wear it is a part of their own faith.

Available in different materials such as silk, satin, cotton and even polyester, the hijab has been a trademark of the women who take pride in expressing their cultural identity and declaring their witness of faith. Not only it is available in stylish varieties, but has also evolved over the years making it more desirable. These are designed with lightweight fabrics.

Many Muslims around the world practice Hijab, which is Arabic for cover, but is extended to mean modesty and privacy. For non-Muslims, Hijab is most often associated with the modest clothing that Muslim women wear. In actuality, Hijab is practiced by both men and women, and includes other requirements of modest behavior. We are offering a wide range of Hijab to our customers. These are available in different size, colors, designs & fabrics. Hijab are designed to be worn on clothing and thus are made from light weight fabrics.

Dhoti Lungi

Summers can be stressful when it comes to picking out clothing. However, cotton dhoti and lungi has been a boon in disguise for men across the country. Dhoti is usually referred to a silk or cotton white fabric which is stitched at the ends giving you a breezy material which is essential for humid and hot summers. Lungi on the other hand is referred to colorful dhoti like fabric clothing which is usually adorned by men on special occasion which are informal in nature such as get together or otherwise. We are the renowned Supplier of a superior quality of Dhoti and Lungi at reasonable rate.

We are leading Manufacture, Exporters & Wholesale Suppliers of Dhoti Lungi. This famous combo is designed with 100% cotton fabrics Lungi. We can provide Dhoti's to those clients who love wearing Dhotis on festivals and various traditional occasions.

The major difference between dhotis and lungis is basically the kind of texture of fabric and print. Dhotis, also known as mundu in Kerala is usually plain and is white. It can be in different shades and length too such as beige, off-white and the likes, but is usually plain and has a thinner fabric weave than lungi. We also offer an exclusive collection of Traditional Dhoti's that are available in various sizes colors and patterns.

Lungis tend to be thicker as they have a higher thread count and make it sturdier than the dhoti. Laze around in a lungi at your home and there wouldn’t be anything more comfortable than that one. Pairing a dhoti or a lungi with t-shirt or a formal shirt is not unheard off and can add to the style quotient too.

We offer finest quality products are known for their fine stitching, vibrant colors and soft texture.

We are leading Manufacture, Exporters & Wholesale Suppliers of 100% cotton fabrics Lungi. Our products are known for their fine stitching, soft texture and vibrant colors. We also offer an exclusive collection of Traditional Dhoti's that are available in various colors and patterns. We can provide Dhoti's to those clients who love wearing Dhotis on festivals and various traditional occasions. We are the renowned Supplier of a superior quality of Dhoti and Lungi at reasonable rate.


We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Saree. This is amazing and popular ethnic attire that complete a woman. It makes her look amazingly beautiful. This attire is elegant and fabulous. It should be designed with sophistication and love. We have wide range of Saree that are designed in such a way that offer grace and elegant look to the wearer.

Haven’t you been trying your mom’s saree ever since childhood dreaming to own a pair of them all by yourself? Saree is the quintessential ethnic wear which unites the views of all women across the country.

Cotton, zardozi, silk, chiffon, georgette, so on and so forth have been accounted for the best materials over the years and it has been a favourite with the women as well. With different patterns and looks being experimented with, saree has been evolving over ages.

From being a traditional drape like clothing, it has been customised to add dhoti like tulles and textures which not only give it a contemporary look but also make sit stand out above the rest. Accessorize with the right kind of jewellery and you wouldn’t have to regret any look that you go for. Occasion does not call for choices anyway. Hone your best make-up and drape those 12 yards effortlessly to slay any event you walk into.

Quality of saree depends solely on the kind of weave and the thread count. Elaborate kanjeevarams or simple silk cotton; saree has been a nightmare for noobs. But, do you give into the fear? No, you try that saree out and secure it with a bunch of safety pins to avoid slippage or any mishaps.

If you have any query regarding Saree, connect with us. We would be happy to serve you.

Owing to years of experience in the industry, we offer our clients an exceptional range of Designer Saree that are extremely delicate in nature and are designed with accuracy. We are offered these Sarees in standard looks and patterns. They are designed with perfection and are delivered in well-defined time. We offer wide range of Ladies Sarees that are treasured among the clients for High Quality and Attractive Looks.

Khanga & Kitenge

Khanga and Kitenge is traditional African outfit which are wrapped around the waist like a sarong and is usually worn by people of the native. Tie it around on your head, shoulders or even your waist for a more stylish look. In multiple patterns, fabric and textures, the clothing is a favourite among women in general.

Easier to carry, these are light weight clothing materials which are meant to cover the lower half of the body due to tradition constraints. These clothing fabrics and items have messages imprinted on the edges. It could be a poetic message or a story in general. However, as contemporary features are more in business, these have been replaced by attractive designs which could geometric patterns which are not flashy but exude grace. It gives an old world charm to the one who wears it.

More inclined towards the cultural side, it is usually tough to understand the emotion behind the patterns of a Khanga and a Kitenge. It is of Tanzanian origin and can be affordable too. All you need to do is pick out the right pattern that screams your personality out loud. Make it your own by personalising it such that it feels comfortable.

We have used 100% cotton yarns in making of these outfits that we buy from the genuine and authentic vendors in the market. The bright prints of printed fabrics make them so elegant and attractive. They are very popular and in great demand due to elegance and affordability. The amazing print makes the attire so attractive, appealing and lively.

You can buy varied range of patterns, designs, styles, sizes and much more. Our products meet with the expectations of our clients. If you have any query regarding Khanga and a Kitenge, connect with us. We would be happy to assist you.

Khanga & Kitenge that are manufactured using 100% cotton yarns. These printed fabrics have very bright prints, which have a lively appearance giving an added effect to the whole attire. Moreover, these Kanga Kitenge are available in varied designs and patters to meet the different tastes and preferences of our clients based worldwide. Our range is widely appreciated women dress home furnishings items and garments. Khanga is a kind of simple clothes for Africa people and is ubiquitous in Africa.

Under Garments

Undergarments are usually items which are worn beneath the clothes for hygienic reasons. It could be in different shapes and sizes, fabric and texture. It could be made out of different materials such as cotton, silk, satin, nylon, depending on the weather and style preferences.

With new age underwear making their way into the market, it has become a trend to keep up with the different styles. Be it those trendy boy-shorts, hipster shorts, thongs, G-Strings, so on and so forth have been popular among women in the current day scenario. For men, different varieties of shorts, boxers and briefs have comprised a major part of their underwear. It could be full coverage underwear or a partial coverage one depending on the style and design.

It is usually recommended that you choose a breathable fabric which keeps away the sweat and prevents irritation in general. The warmer it gets, the riskier it becomes for infections to occur in the private area. Therefore, combed cotton is one of the most recommended fabrics for underwear in general.

Choose underwear which is comfortable and does not cause irritation. Pick up the right size such that you do not have to struggle with the comfort quotient of the entire clothing.

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of ladies undergarment. We boast quality and fewer prices. We also understand the importance of comfort and quality of fabric used in designing undergarments. We use the high quality fabric that we buy from the authentic vendors.

Our undergarments are easy to wear and use. These are easily available in various different sizes, colors and designs. You can look for unique pattern and styles. Our products fulfil your budget and you can enjoy the affordable range of our products.

If you have any query regarding undergarments, contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

We are involved in providing our clients the premium Quality Ladies Under Garments. These highly comfortable and easy to wear Under Garments are designed by keeping in mind the client’s comforts and their particular fields. Our range of these Garments is available in varied sizes, designs, colors and unique patterns. To suit the client’s budgetary limits, we offer our range at most Affordable Rates in market. We provide the most exclusive range of Under Garments products for you.


Be it boxers for men or those shorts for women, it comes as a relief during the summers. It is breezy and comfortable and makes up for the night wear. After all who does not want to slip into a comfortable pair of pants at the end of the day? Agreed that jeans amplify the style quotient, but nothing beats the comfort of those night pants after a tough long day.

Be it boxer pants, night suit pants, track pants, Bermudas, or regular half pants, they are hands-down the most comfortable clothing discovered by mankind. Choose a pair in cotton which has a better look and feel. The lighter the better it gets. It helps you skin breathe freely without causing the sweat to get trapped and cause infections.

Choose one with elastic bands at the waist or the ones with adjustable threads at the waist for a more comfortable usage. Pants can be paired with a quirky pair of t-shirts or tops for men and women respectively to maintain the style if you are fashion wise conscious as well.

Pants are usually available in different materials too which can be customized depending on the weather. Choose corduroy, woolen or even woven pants which can be comfortable and stylish too!

Comfort and quality are the two factors that we focus on. There are so many factors that make us leading trader and supplier of pants all across the globe. We only focus on the individual requirement of customer and work as per the changing trend. We never use out-dated techniques as we love to flow with the changes. We use latest techniques and machinery to make clothing options more attractive and elegant.

If you have any query regarding pants, contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

We are among the leading Trader and Supplier of a comprehensive range of Pants. You Can Buy Various High Quality Pants from Mahavir Overseas Suppliers and Manufacturers in India. We also Supply Sarees, Under Garments, T-Shirts and many more…. In these terms, we are considered as a reliable Manufacturer & Exporter of Clothing in the market.

T Shirts

“I don’t like t-shirts”, said no one ever! T-shirts are a safe alternative to those tops, blouses and shirts which are an obligation at formal places. T-shirts scream informal out loud and are considered as a quintessential requirement for the wardrobe


Be it meeting your friends, going for a party or just lazing around in the house, t-shirts are unavoidable. They are comfortable, stylish and easy to maintain. Throw in a pair in the washing machine with skin friendly detergent and you are sorted. It doesn’t require any extra maintenance such as dry cleaning or bleaching in general. Pick out a t-shirt in a material you like. It could be silk, nylon, cotton or even silk cotton depending on the weather. Most of the companies do not roll out t-shirts in other fabrics other than cotton because honestly it is one of the breeziest fabrics to deal with.

Not only it is light and comfortable but also one of the cheapest alternatives to other fabrics available in the market. Choose plain t-shirts and customise it by pressing designs to the front of it using a press and pattern to have personalized clothing in your wardrobe. Use it for personal use or gift it to a beloved, a t-shirt is always welcome.

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of T-shirts. We have a wide range of T-shirts that are featuring uniform dyeing, stability, dimensions, shrinkage resistance, high quality, durability and much more. With us, you can get different types of clothing like T- shirt, Corporate uniforms, kids wear, sweat shirt, sportswear, V-neck, collar shirt, round neck t-shirt and much more. We are among the top rated supplier and committed to providing quality products at best price.

If you have any query regarding T-shirts, just contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

We are one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of a wide range of T-Shirts. Our range is renowned for features like quality fastness, shrinkage resistance, dimensional stability and uniform dyeing. We offer Round neck T-shirt, Collar shirt, V-neck, Sports wear, Sweat shirt, Kids wear, T-shirt, Corporate uniforms etc. We are committed to offer the best of our T-SHIRTS and services to our customers at Competitive Prices. We are among the leading Trader and Supplier of a comprehensive range of Designer Printed T-Shirts.