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People who face adverse in their lives in the form of natural calamities, disasters, or war tend to move to secure places for their protection. At such difficult time, charity organizations or relief workers offer encouragement and hope to the survivors by offering hygiene kits.

The hygiene kits are the essential items that also act as learning tools for maintaining personal hygiene. We offer hygiene kits of the highest standards that will meet the requirements of every situation precisely. You can also buy it for the personal use as our kits have good quality and affordable pricing. We offer you a secure payment method for transaction to give you peace of mind. As the top manufacturers of hygiene kits, you can compare the prices after delving deep into the details and opt for the best deal.

You can get best deal on MSF hygiene kits. Our kits can be best for picnic purpose. We provide high quality blanket designed with quality textile products or fabrics. We assure secure payment and lower price as well. We are the best manufacturers and suppliers of Hygiene kits, you can rely on us.

With us, you can expect variety of UNICEF hygiene kits. We have team of highly qualified and skilled professionals that are engaged in providing finest quality products. We always try to meet the needs of our customers. We manufacture and supply Aluminum and stainless steel kitchen set as well.

We also offer UNHCR Hygiene Kits and ICRC-IFRC Hygiene Kits that can be useful for your family members. We follow the same standards that make the product suitable for the clients. We have never ever compromised on quality.

If you have any questions regarding hygiene kits, connect with us. We would be happy to assist you.

MSF Hygiene Kits

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USAID Hygiene Kits

Mahavir Overseas is engaged in Supplying and Exporting a variety of Hygiene Kits. We offer quality USAID Hygiene Kits that is Manufactured as per international specifications. We are engaged in Delivering, Exporting, Manufacturing, Trading and are counted among the leading service Providers of USAID Hygiene Kits in the global market.

UNICEF Hygiene Kits

Mahavir Overseas is engaged in Suppling and Exporting a variety of UNICEF Hygine Kits. We are involved in Offering an exclusive range of finest quality of UNICEF Hygine Kit to our clients, that helps in meeting the requirements of our clients. We also Manufacturer and Supplier of Aluminium kitchen Sets and Stainless Steel Kitchen sets all over India.

UNHCR Hygiene Kits

We feel pleasure to represent ourselves as Indian Company to get UNHCR Hygine Kits. We are the Best UNHCR Hygine Kits Suppliers Manufacturers Exporters from India. We are involved in Offering an exclusive range of finest quality of UNHCR Hygine Kits to our clients, that helps in meeting the requirements of our clients.

ICRC-IFRC Hygiene Kits

Kit containing products suitable to provide the basic hygienic needs of a 5-members family in precarious situations for a period of one month.